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January 25 2020

You know I just got all worked up about this attitude of his, of him handing out the real info that nobody talks about. Mainly because I got into the subject a bit today. Because of that, I somehow resent your implication, that mainstream journalist that write about it are clueless about everyday life in China, or that the sanitary conditions of the markets or hospitals, and the flawed information (and other) politics of the chinese governement are not thematized by them. But maybe I am just reading the last part into your comment.

I hope it does not come across as condescending when I say, that I hope that my anger did not make me to disrespectful towards you. If so I apologize and thank you for staying more civil in your replies than I was.

By this measure (lived there for over a decade, speaks the language, has seen more of china than even most chinese people, had multiple jobs there as well as a wife) I should be an expert about everything concerning latin america. Me making videos about latin american health crisises (and I actually work in a related field) would still be irrelevant at best and disinformation at worst. I do not understand what qualifies him as a trustworty source conscerning this subject. I watched the first 10 Minutes or so and he did not provide a single source, other than the one I made fun of. He passed a lot of strong judgement and provided nothing to back it up with.

This is just a guy exploiting the interest in a subject by making a video with a lurid title and a gaudy thumbnail talking for as long as possible about a subject he probably does not understand and does not have any unique info about.

What angers me, is the chutzpah of it all.

BY the way: If you go to deutschlandfunk you get an interview with an epidemiologist and another one with a reporter that just left Wuhan. And they actually admit when they do not know something.
sarcasm is always the death of discourse, so i'm gonna ignore it.
i watched his videos for a while now and judged him as a trustworthy source of information about china because he lived there for over a decade, speaks the language, has seen more of china than even most chinese people, made documentaries about different parts of the coutnry, had multiple jobs there as well as wifes and supports just about every statement with videos he took himself. although he's actually quite a "tough guy" (grew up in south africa) and can be quite harsh i found his opinions mostly to be measured and differentiated.

if there are contradictions between him and journalists that are not on the ground but work based on official statements by the chinese government i trust serpentza more.
this is not to persuade you - you'd have to judge for yourself, cause you have no reason to believe me either - but that's why i posted the video.
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Who should I trust: Professional journalists working for outlets with a consistent record of reporting critically about china that have acces to trained health professionals or a youtuber that makes clickbait videos about china, but it´s cool because he taught english in a chinese hospital once and therefore has all the inside info. Tough choice.
@yetzt: please tell me, that you are posting this to make fun of it.

January 20 2020

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January 14 2020

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what the... 
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January 13 2020

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January 07 2020

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December 31 2019

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December 28 2019

I wrote them a few weeks ago and got no reaction. I just wrote them another E-Mail.

December 27 2019

About a month ago I reported a soup for child pornography via the report button and E-Mail. I have gotten no reaction so far. Today I checked, and the user is still posting child pornography. Are you going to fucking do anything about it @kitchen?

December 25 2019

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December 23 2019

Ich habe sowieso den Eindruck das die Sarah da nicht ganz redlich argumentiert: Es mag stimmen, dass da 1,49 millionen Facharbeitskräfte Arbeit suchen während 490 tausend Facharbeisstellen unbesetzt sind. Das bringt aber nicht viel, wenn Fachinformatikerinnen, Fliesenleger und LKW-Fahrer*innen gesucht werden und Friseure, Drucker*innen und Landwirte arbeitslos sind. Natürlich könnte man die Leute qualifizieren aber dass würde die Arbeitgeber ja was kosten. Sie erwähnt das immerhin indirekt, kann sich aber nicht verkneifen, die Resentiments gegen Zugezogene zu alimentieren.
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