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November 09 2019

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November 06 2019

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October 28 2019

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I do not see how the things you wrote are conected to the thing I posted.

Can you please explain to me why this image provoked you into this rant about me not distinguishing between  "just a political view", or it is "a views that already is action in it self" or me somehow measureing with two different cups?

"and yes, language can be action. that does not mean than any opinion expressed via language is the same as burning refugee camps."
Again: What relationship does this question have with anything from the cartoon? Both the swastika and the antifa express intent. They literally use the same wording. Do I understand you correctly, that in case of the swastika you interpret it as an opinion and in case of the antifa as an anouncement?

"at least be honest about it an demand a proper firing squad."
Friend, there is a long history of people from our country fighting facists under that label. Often violently. At least since the 80s this iteration of the logo, with the black and the red flag, has been used. The only instance of someone even using a gun under that label I can renember is the antifas that went to fight daesh. There might be other instances, but if people under that label really wanted to kill nazis we would have dozens or hundereds of dead nazis. Violence does not necessarily mean that you want to physically eradicate your oponent.

With all due respect, and I am very willing to be proven wrong, but I think you are strawmanning hard here.

October 25 2019

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Ich hab keinen Block mehr...
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October 24 2019

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October 23 2019

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October 21 2019

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self defense in the back
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October 14 2019


October 11 2019

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October 10 2019

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You can believe the incel whining of your image or you can read some surprisingly well done research.

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October 08 2019

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