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June 25 2017

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June 24 2017

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Wedding´s finest.
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June 23 2017

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June 21 2017

The funny thing is that he doesn´t realize that, apart from some really fringy fringe groups, all whites are usually not blamed for white supremacist´s acts. Which would be the analogy of blaming all muslims for Islamists acts/ of a "moderate muslim" condemning ISIS. Or did I not get the satire right again?
Hey, sorry for the late reply, I have been sort of busy.

I would not know wether power is the dominant factor in pedophiles sexual desires. This is definitively not true for (all of) the conscious ones. I think I must have expressed myself unclearly. I´ll give it another go:
There is a clear disparity of power between children and adults/postpubescent people on many levels (strength, bodyly readyness for intercourse, social power, intelectual and mental capabilities and resources, etc.).  The fact that sexual desires manifest themselves in this context means, that an egalitarian sort of intercourse is imposible outside of the realm of fantasy. Therefore the disparity of power is always very present in such situations. It is the definig moment of it, and therefore also central to the cathexis of the child ("the powerless") as a sexual object. This does not mean that pedophiles may not negate or otherwise supress that fact.

It is similar with the seduction argument you mentioned: Of course you can construe that the behaviour of a child is meant as a (genital) sexual advance. Typical affectionate behaviours of children, like kissing, snuggling and twinking are very common modes of interactions between childrens and their caretakers and other people they trust. They are bonding behaviours. Just like when children "show off" their genitals. Of course they are similar to seductive behaviours - caretakers transfer "seductive" behaviour to children the same way that the child, once it is grown up, will transfer what it learned from it´s caretakers into sexual bonding and seduction situations. Laplanche´s general seduction theory does a great job explaining the interwinedness of both in my opinion. When a helthy child performs such behaviours it is however an invitation to bond, not to establish a genital sexual bond/contact/interaction. This is culturally known, a pedophile might deny this conciously, but when he does so he is completely in denial about all common knowlege about interactions between adults and children.

tl.dr: when a child smooches an adult it is an invitation to him to take care of him, not to have sex, and this is fairly obvious.

"to fulfill their urges and satisfy their conscience, they construct a world wherein children can indeed consent"

couldn´t have put it better =)


June 20 2017

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June 18 2017

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June 16 2017

I think that one can consistently argue, that homosexuality is not abnormal on several levels.

Firstly the incidence of homosexual behaviour in pretty much every human society we know about and in a lot of animal species suggests that it is a naturally ocurring phenomena. In other words that it is a normal behavior from a biologistic perspective.

Secondly it is widely agreed, that human sexuality´s purpouse is not limited to reproduction, but fulfills several other important functions related to social structuration, psychological and physical well-beeing, bonding and communication amongst others. Idealy in a mutually beneficial way. Both homosexual behavior and heterosexual expressions of sexuality that can not lead to conception can fullfill these functions. If one would tie the normality or normativity of sexual behaviours to reproduction, it could be argued that a lot of very common expressions of heterosexual sexuality (think of oral sex, but also think about  masturbation) are abnormal as well.

Thirdly human sexuality is always subject to cultural norms and societal debate. In the last decades homosexual behavior has been increasingly accepted and normalized in many parts of the world. This is basically the point you make, but I think it is not the only one.

Finally I would like to invite you to not judge sexuality in categorys of normality or normativity. Those categories in my opinion are completely inadequate in this case, since they only categorize a deviation from a real or phantasized average (think about psychoanalytic theories of sexuality or Kinsey scales) or, in the case of normativity, based on a more or less arbitrary norm unrelated to the well-beeing of the affected. I think this often leads to pathogolization of expressions of sexuality that can lead to catastrophal consequences. A good example for that is the hipotesis of masturbatory insanity. If you are not familiar with it I suggest googling Tissot, Esquirol or why so many americans started circumcising their male babys at birth.

As you wrote in your reply, there are many good reasons to condemn pedophilia, I dont think it is necessary or productive to do it based on abnormality.

I honestly don´t know if one can define pedophilia as a sexuality. I lean towards no though. Simply on the grounds that there are other abusive forms of sexual behaviour on which some people are fixated (and exclusively get aroused by) where this question seems completely absurd to me.
I believe that the cathexis of objects as sexual is influenced by instinct, experiences (in the broadest possible sense of the word) and their processing. I think it is evident from the vivid bouquet of sexual fetiches that the latter can completely take over and subdue all other factors, tieing sexual gratification to highly symbolic acts. Pedophilia is such an higly symbolic act, where power and powerlessness (unconsiously) take central stage. It is no coincidence, that there is a huge incidence of former victims amongst pedophile perpretators.

cheers and sorry for the wall of text =)
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June 14 2017

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Gorilla tactical rolls and then uses sand attack

pocket sand

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June 13 2017

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June 12 2017

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